“The Current Challenges Of Existing OTC Platforms In The Cryptospace And How ZeOTC Will Solve Them All.”

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4 min readApr 27, 2023

One of the main problems of over-the-counter (OTC) platforms in the cryptocurrency space is the issue of trust and security. Unlike centralized exchanges, OTC platforms do not have a standardized regulatory framework or a public order book, which can make it difficult to assess the legitimacy of counterparties and the prices being offered. This lack of transparency can lead to increased counterparty risk, as well as the potential for fraud, market manipulation, and other illicit activities.

Another challenge facing OTC platforms in the crypto space is the lack of liquidity in certain markets. This can make it difficult to find buyers or sellers for certain assets, particularly for smaller or less popular cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices can make it difficult to accurately price assets and manage risk on OTC platforms.

Finally, OTC platforms may also face challenges related to user adoption and awareness. Many cryptocurrency traders are accustomed to using centralized exchanges and may be hesitant to switch to a new platform that they are not familiar with. Additionally, the complexity of OTC trading may deter some investors who are not experienced in the cryptocurrency space.

How ZeTeam Is Planning To Solve Those Issues

A decentralized reputation system on our OTC platform to establish trust between counterparties. This will enable users to rate and review their counterparties after each trade, creating a reputation score that will be publicly visible on the blockchain. This will provide a mechanism for detecting fraudulent behavior and reducing counterparty risk.

A decentralized audit trail on our OTC platform to create a public record of all trades and transactions. This will enable users to verify the legitimacy of counterparties and prices, and will provide a transparent means of tracking the flow of funds through the platform. By implementing a decentralized audit trail, we will improve transparency and standardization in our operations, while also enhancing security and reducing the potential for fraud and market manipulation.

A decentralized liquidity pool on our OTC platform. This pool will consist of a network of users who are willing to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at market prices, providing a continuous source of liquidity for the platform. The liquidity pool will be incentivized through a system of rewards, which will encourage users to provide liquidity and maintain the stability of the platform.

Smart contracts to automate the pricing and settlement of trades on our OTC platform. Smart contracts will enable us to set pre-determined parameters for trades, such as minimum and maximum prices, and automate the execution of trades based on those parameters. This will reduce the risk of price manipulation and ensure that trades are executed fairly and efficiently.

A decentralized risk management system on our OTC platform. This system will use advanced algorithms to monitor market conditions and assess the risk of each trade. If a trade is deemed to be high risk, the system will automatically adjust the price or require additional collateral to be posted before the trade is executed. By implementing a decentralized risk management system, we will reduce the potential for losses and ensure the stability of the platform.

A user-friendly interface for ZeOTC that is easy to navigate and understand. This will include clear and concise instructions for how to use the platform, as well as educational resources for users who are new to the cryptocurrency space as well as the ZeChat system.

A decentralized referral program on our OTC platform to incentivize existing users to invite their friends and family to join the platform. This will help to increase awareness of the platform and encourage new users to sign up.

We will partner with other projects in the cryptocurrency space to promote our OTC platform and increase its visibility. This may include collaborations with blockchain communities, industry influencers, and media outlets to reach a wider audience.

We will implement a decentralized support system on our OTC platform to provide users with fast and efficient customer service. This may include a chatbot or other automated system that can answer common questions, as well as a team of human support agents who can assist with more complex issues. By providing excellent customer service, we will create a positive user experience and increase the likelihood that users will continue to use our platform.

We — the ZeVoid Team — are aware of all the issues OTC platforms are faced with today and we are determined to solve them all moving forward!

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