ZeVoid’s Progress Update — December 2022 & January 2023

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4 min readFeb 6, 2023


Decision Making Months

The months of December and January have been very exciting and fulfilling for us. Let’s take a closer look at what happened. ZeTeam has collaborated with the community to make several important decisions that have benefited the project.

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”
Bernard M. Baruch

Furthermore, there are several updates on the development and marketing fronts, which we are excited to share with you in this article.

Tax Restructured

To begin with, the taxes on buy and sell transactions have been decreased from 7% to 5%. This feedback was gathered from the community and implemented right away. The early sell tax (24 hours) of 12% still remains in effect.

The new tax distribution is as follows:
1.8% — Liquidity Provision
1.5% — Marketing & Development
1.5% — Team
0.2% — Gas fee

$ZVOID has not and will never have a transfer tax.

Liquidity Lock Extension

ZeVoid’s liquidity has been relocked, not for 1, not for 2, but for 54 (FIFTY-FOUR) years, which means liquidity will unlock in 2077!

New Front-End Developer Hired to Complete ZeOTC

ZeTeam has hired a new front-end developer (who will work closely with our CTO) to aid in the completion of ZeOTC. This additional hiring will result in a faster completion of the much awaited ZeOTC.

Release of ZeOTC’s Blueprint

The release of ZeOTC’s blueprint shows users exactly how the platform will work. It also explains in depth the intricacies of ZeOTC’s USP; Counter Offers. Refer to the flowchart below to see how the platform will work.

ZeOTC Blueprint

AMA with Coinmerge

ZeVoid was selected for an AMA on the Coinmerge platform, hosted by famous CT personality Rush Hour. The main topic of discussion was ZeOTC and its features such as counter offers and ZeChat system. We also discussed plans about ZeTrust — our second utility (a crypto escrow service). Furthermore, we are happy to announce that the $ZVOID token is now listed on the Coinmerge platform. Check out the full AMA here:

AMA with Bonus Round

Our second AMA with Bonus Round was also a success. The major focus was on the genesis of ZeVoid and ZeVoid’s utilities. We also discussed various aspects of the project’s branding and future plans. Listen to the full AMA here:

ZeOTC’s Fee Structure Planning

ZeOTC will be launched for free at first. However, ZeTeam intends to apply a minor fee after considerable trading volume on ZeOTC. We want to implement staking in the near future, and 80% of ZeOTC fees will be returned back to users who stake $ZVOID.

Full fee distribution structure will be as follows:
0.25% fee on each side (will be implemented once high trading volume is reached on ZeOTC platform).

80% — to lockers (staking)
10% — Marketing and development
5% — BuyBack & Burn/Pool. Community decides every month if buyback is pooled or burned
5% — Team


One item has kept the community entertained over the last two months more than anything: ZePepe stickers. Thanks to our Lead Creative for creating these stickers and sharing them with the community.

Our community participation on Twitter and Telegram has dramatically risen. This is also reflected in an increase in our Twitter follower and Telegram member count.

All this is thanks to dedicated teams on Twitter spreading the word about ZeVoid. The $ZVOID cashtag now has over 700 tweets on Twitter, up from roughly 30 in November..

Furthermore, regular updates from ZeTeam, multiple sneak peaks and community building events such as twitter competitions with rewards have increased the visibility of ZeVoid on multiple platforms.

Number of holders: 378
Telegram members: 690
Twitter followers: 485

Well, this is it for our ZeVoid progress update. Don’t forget to like and share with your friends!

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