ZeVoid’s Progress Update — November 2022

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3 min readDec 8, 2022


All Quiet on the Community Front

As the title suggests, updates were slow, and the community was quiet during November. Does this mean ZeVoid’s team has not been working? Actually, on the contrary.

November has been an interesting month for the team — especially with all the testing. Late night testing sessions along with bottomless cups of coffee is how ZeTeam spent the month.

Our head developer emphasizes heavily on testing EVERY aspect of ZeOTC before we roll it out to the public.

We work very strictly according to these quality criteria — https://iso25000.com/index.php/en/iso-25000-standards/iso-25010

Development of ZeOTC

The development of ZeOTC’s contract as well as the back and frontend have all been happening simultaneously and every aspect is being tested personally by our Head Developer along with the rest of the team. Additionally we have hired an experienced front end developer to collaborate with our team to make the most elegant OTC platform on the market. We are quite pleased with the results and we have shared multiple sneak peeks of the UI of ZeOTC with the community. In case you have missed them, check out our two UI/UX preview videos!

UI/UX Preview Video #1
UI/UX Preview Video #2

At the time of writing, most of the components of ZeOTC have been completed and we are roughly 80% into finishing up development and testing. Most of the hardwork has already been done.

During each testing session, the team generates new ideas and researches the market in order to remain ahead of the competition and provide a better product for users, which would help in mass adoption. Our initial sketch of ZeOTC does not look like what we have created now, it has evolved. It has become simpler, easier to use and is equipped with better features to ensure a quick success. Personally, I don’t believe ZeOTC could have come at a better time (fall of the CEXs) but that is a whole other discussion.

Is ZeOTC the only product we are focussed on?

ZeVoid is not limited to ZeOTC. In fact, ZeOTC is just the beginning and we are already working on other products like ZeTrust (our crypto escrow service). The team has also been engaged in conducting a market study for crypto escrow services and finding answers to some very important questions such as -

  • What is the market currently lacking?
  • What is the optimal fee that will help us sustain this product and ensure mass adoption at the same time?
  • Technicalities of the contract
  • Setting up ZeService team and how we will support any user disputes.

… and a lot more.


Despite a slow month, the community has been resilient and continued to grow. We have multiple holders who bought the $ZVOID token on day 1. We have managed to retain the long term buyers.

We have received a positive response from the community regarding ZeOTC’s sneak peeks and everybody has been eagerly waiting for the launch (which is soon now).

The team has been actively welcoming new members and pushing the latest updates on Twitter & Telegram.

Understandbly, we could not release the full details of the intricacies of ZeOTC as we do not want to risk any leakage. This led to low activity but needless to say, the figures below signify trust in ZeVoid and a community committed to helping us grow ZeVoid.

Number of holder: 228
Telegram members: 481
Twitter followers: 162

Well, this is it for ZeVoid’s recent update progress. Don’t forget to like and share with your friends.

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