ZeVoid’s Progress Update — October 2022

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3 min readNov 2, 2022


Since the successful stealth launch of ZeVoid’s contract on the 12th of October 2022, ZeVoid has been continually building.

What has been accomplished so far in the three weeks after the launch on UniSwap? Read below.

Launch Day

In one way, our Stealth launch went as we planned but in some ways we almost had a recipe for disaster (and we mean almost). We reached an ATH of approximately $350k within the first hour of launch. Our community on Telegram grew to 200 members organically within the first few hours. It was all looking good!

So what was our mistake?

Upon launch the contract started to accumulate $ZVOID tokens from the taxes. Our developer coded a bot that would strategically sell these tokens and automatically distribute them to Liquidity, Marketing and the Team. Because of a misunderstanding between the team members that bot was not turned on. While the bot was turned off, the contract accumulated more than a third of the total supply due to the immediate and very substantial buy pressure.

How did we fix it and move on (and beyond)?

After a few days of deliberation, we decided it was now time to bite the bullet and release all of the remaining tax revenue from the launch that was still held under the contract in one go. Many people were afraid to buy $ZVOID till then due to the large amount of tax revenue contained in our contract. Now that we had cleaned the house and unclogged the issue, $ZVOID became ready to flourish to its full potential. Needless to say: Our bot is now fully operational.


To date, we have conducted multiple community engaging activities and competitionslike puzzles with answers that reveal important news about ZeVoid, biggest buy competitions and more. The first biggest buy competition’s winner was rewarded with 0.25 ETH.

The team has been actively involved with the community on Twitter and Telegram, answering all questions regarding team’s backgrounds, plans with ZeVoid, future utilities and of course questions about ZeOTC ; our first product that is due to launch soon now.

Some stats at the time of writing:

MarketCap: $235k

Number of holder: 229

Telegram members: 465

Twitter followers: 142

Needless to say, these figures signify trust in ZeVoid and a community committed to helping us grow ZeVoid.

What are the next steps?

Our current priority is to launch ZeOTC as quickly as possible while not cutting back in any way, shape or from on the quality of UI/UX or code. That will offer us a competitive advantage. Over the last two weeks, we have been rolling out sneak peeks and information on features about the OTC Swap.

Our developer, DR_0X1, worked with our CTO 0xaLpHaJeNs on the research side and MemeGod on the design side to develop ZeOTC. The result is a clean looking UI/UX along with never-seen-before features such as counter offers and more. These features will help us to gain a superior position in the market.

An important ongoing agenda is the attempt to expand the ZeVoid’s network in order to continuously bring in new buyers and community members. A substantial amount of time is spent developing strategies, engaging in discussions with other major players in this field, deciding who to work with and what steps to take next. New community engagement ideas, influencer line up amongst other things are now day-to-day tasks for most of the team (for those who are not directly related to building of the product).

We are excited for the future and are glad to have YOU onboard. Hold tight and thank you for being a part of this long journey that we have ahead of us.

We create our own destiny.
We are unstoppable.
Resistance is futile.
We are Crypto Renegades.

Join us!

Until next time,

Marketing Director